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Care Management

Providing Everything You Need

Care Assessments
(In-Home or Residential Facility)

We work with the appropriate medical professionals to facilitate and address in-home care needs of our individual clients and their unique needs.  Assessment components include:

  • Assessment of Daily Living

  • Cognitive Mental Health Assessment

  • Status Review

  • Home Safety Evaluations

  • Coordination with Healthcare Providers

Care Management

We provide individualized plans for personal care management services.  Supporting clients in determining the best assistance for their unique needs.

Daily Living Assistance:

  •    Coordination of personal care services.

  •    Arranging for home health aides or caregivers as needed.


Home Maintenance Oversight:

  • Coordination of home repairs and maintenance.

  • Ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment for clients.

Transportation and Appointment Coordination:

  • Arranging transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other essential activities.

  • Managing scheduling and reminders for medical check-ups and treatments.

Financial Management for Personal Needs:

  • Assistance with budgeting and financial planning for personal expenses.

  • Payment of bills and management of personal finances.

Agent Under Advanced Healthcare Directive

Healthcare Decisions Support:

  •    Assistance in healthcare-related decision-making.

  •    Collaborating with individuals to establish healthcare directives.

Advance Care Planning:

  • Facilitating discussions and documentation of end-of-life preferences.

  • Assisting in the creation of advance healthcare directives.


Medical Information Coordination:

  • Maintaining organized medical records and coordinating information among healthcare providers.

  • Assisting with the transfer of medical records when needed.


Healthcare Advocacy:

  • Acting as an advocate during medical appointments and hospital stays.

  • Ensuring effective communication between the client and healthcare professionals.


Exploration of Treatment Options:

  • Researching and presenting information on various treatment options.

  • Assisting clients in making informed decisions about their healthcare.


Coordination of Specialist Care:

  • Facilitating appointments with specialists based on healthcare needs.

  • Ensuring a seamless flow of information between primary care physicians and specialists.


Health Insurance Navigation:

  • Assisting with understanding health insurance coverage and benefits.

  • Advocating for appropriate coverage and resolving insurance-related issues.

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