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Fiduciary Services

What is a professional fiduciary? A fiduciary is a professional who can manage your estate in case you become incapacitated or pass away. Fiduciaries serve everyone from the most vulnerable populations (the elderly and those who can no longer care for themselves) to independent, productive people who need assistance making sound financial, health care and day-to-day decisions.

How VES, Inc. Fiduciary Services Can Support You:

Trust Administration:

  •    Comprehensive management of trusts, ensuring adherence to legal requirements.

  •    Distribution of assets according to the terms of the trust.


Probate Administration:

  •    Seeing through the probate process with expertise and efficiency.

  •    Facilitating the timely distribution of assets in accordance with probate laws.


Financial Decision-Making:

  •    Informed financial decision support for clients.

  •    Strategic planning to optimize financial outcomes.


Personal Care Management:

  •    Individualized plans for personal care management services.

  •    Supporting clients in determining the best assistance for their unique needs.

Beneficiary Coordination:

  •    Facilitating communication and coordination with beneficiaries.

  •    Ensuring a smooth transition and understanding of the fiduciary process.

Healthcare Decisions Support:

  •    Assistance in healthcare-related decision-making.

  •    Collaborating with individuals to establish healthcare directives.

Reporting and Communication:

  •     Transparent reporting on trust administration and financial matters.

  •     Regular communication to keep clients informed and engaged.

Compliance and Legal Updates:

  •     Staying current with changes in fiduciary laws and regulations.

  •     Ensuring ongoing compliance in all fiduciary activities.



Services Provided Through our Specialized Team of Support Professionals Include but are not Limited to:

Asset Management:

  •    Skillful oversight and management of diverse assets.

  •    Maximizing returns while minimizing risk.


Estate Planning Consultation:

  •    Collaborative planning to establish comprehensive estate plans.

  •    Ensuring legal compliance and alignment with client preferences.

Tax Planning Strategies:

  •    Developing tax-efficient strategies for estate planning.

  •    Minimizing tax liabilities within legal frameworks.​





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